Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Tuesday Sale...Small but still Good

For all the fellow Anthro sale stalkers out there, here is another week of shopping for you!  Check out the early sale postings via Effortless Anthropologie.  Roxy is a star with updating her fans with the latest sale items...literally the latest as she posts as soon as the Anthro site marks items down.  I don't know how she does it, but she is a star and we are all so grateful for her efforts to keep us informed!

If I were to shop this week, I would probably be picking up these beauties...

Orchard Grove Pullover - Reg. $88, Sale $49.95

Gull Wing Dress in Multi- Reg. $168, Sale $99.95 (well, I would wait it out for a second cut)

Joe's Denim Shorts in Sammie- Reg. $98, Sale $49.95

Back Porch Blouse - Reg. $98, Sale $49.95 (Sold out online)

Cuffed Sateen Bermudas in Navy- Reg. $78, Sale $39.95 

And if I had money and no shopping ban, I would probably buy this at regular price because I am lusting for it so badly:

Lunar Cycles Top in White - Reg. $88 

I tried this on in a small in the Vancouver store and absolutely fell in love with it!  It is so pretty and airy with the dolman sleeves and lacy print!  It would kill me if it went on sale and I couldn't get a price adjustment.   I will probably just end up stalking this one on sale.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Tuesday, time for Another Anthro Sale!

Ok, I just violated my shopping ban!  I'm feeling guilty now.  But 2 of my top items from my wishlist were reduced at this morning's sale and I just could not let them go. :(  Check out Effortless Anthropologie for the newest sale additions.

I will be picking up a whole bunch of past purchases at Hagen's this week, so something(s) have to go back to make up for it.  That way it will be an exchange versus a purchase.  So there!

What I bought:

Alstromeria Tee - Reg. $78 Sale $39.95

This tee is perfect.  It is floral but pretty, with a slight asymmetrical hem, some pleats and well-placed gathers to add some interest.  And best of all, it's a soft, jersey fabric!  Love, love, love.

Lemon Stick Wedges - Reg. $148 Sale $79.95

This pair has been on my wishlist since early Spring and I have to say I was in love with the lemony yellow color right away!  The big flower in the center I could do without, but overall I think they're still pretty cute, afterall, they are Miss Albright!  I have to admit, I changed my mind when I saw Lea Michele wear them on Glee in the New York episode, as I thought it made her look dowdy.  But when I saw them on Anthropologie Addict:  Westcoast Style, I started to love them again!  I guess we shall see when I get to try them on!

Sparring Partner Pants in Navy - Reg. $98 Second-Cut Sale:  $19.95

These have been on my wishlist for a while now, but have resisted at it's $49.95 sale price.  But at the second-cut price AND available in my size, I think I would be crazy not to snatch up a pair of comfy Hei-Hei's.

So there you have it.  My cheat purchase.  There was one item that I absolutely loved too, but let get away due to it's higher price point.  But if it ever goes on second-cut, this baby is mine (in exchange for a return item, of course!).

Gathered Hemlock Dress - Reg. $148 Sale $79.95

I tried this on in the store (fitting room review to follow) and loved the print, the fit and the fabric (jersey, my fave)!  The only thing I didn't like was the price tag, considering how often I wear dresses.  I find even the sale price too high.  I will have to stalk this one for further price reductions.

What about you?  Any sale scores?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Additional 25% Off Sale Items + New Markdowns today!

Lucky, lucky you! There were plenty new markdowns today on Anthropologie's website, plus Anthro decided to throw in their 25% off sale items (clothing only) promotion too!

What a terrible way to start my shopping ban!! Boohoo. I did find a way around it, however. Hehe. I can not purchase "new" items but I can exchange some items for something else, right? Yes, I'm the rule maker and I say that rule sticks.

So, I'm returning 3 things: an Elevenses ruffle blazer/jacket (which I bought at Christmas and have never worn), the Dividing Line Tank (which is cute, but i don't love it), and the Waterlilies blouse (which only looks good belted).

So what's in my shopping cart then?

Land of Springs dress - Sale $59.95 (less 25%)

Fragrant Swag tank - Sale $39.95 (less 25%)

What did you buy?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Shopping Ban!

Beginning now, I am on a self-imposed Shopping Ban until July 15th, 2011.  I need to pay off my Visa before my trip to NYC this August.  By then, I will be in good financial shape to do some guilt-free power shopping in the big apple.  (Plus, my husband can finally stop stressing about my retail habit!)

Although this won't be easy, I am at least comforted by the fact that my summer wardrobe is in good shape from last year's Anthro summer sales.  And I can't think of anything in my wishlist that I am absolutely lusting for.  Thank goodness the June catalog wasn't tantalizing enough for me to wishlist anything.  I think I'm good.

I still plan on visiting Anthro, however, during my ban.  The true test will be walking out without a new purchase in hand.  Oh my, I'm sweating just at the thought of that!  Hehe.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews: Tops & Tees

I am back-logged with fit reviews right now, and I tried on so many that I will have to post them in installments. Here I focused on tops and tees, to go with the many crops I own, for the warmer months.

Ride the Wave Poncho - $78 USD

I really liked the comfy fit of the Ride the Wave Poncho. I tried on a my usual size small in tops andit fits a bit big because of it's slouchy design, and I picked the navy stripe colorway. I was happy with the small and didn't want to size down as it's meant to be a bit of a messy, disheveled look. But if you want a little more shape to your silhouette, I would size down. Wishlisted for sale.

The Leticia Top looked good on the hanger, like a wrap-sweater but then I changed my mind after I tried it on. It's actually a poncho. Don't be thinking you will be wearing this as a sweater on it's own. You definitely need a tank or tee underneath because it is only held together by the three little buttons in front. I felt this sweater hung a bit funny and in an unflattering way on me. The color is a nice pop of tomato-red, however, but does not have enough shape for me to like it. Pass for me.

Leticia Top - $78 USD

The Perennial Awakening Top looked amazing on the rack! And since it was the only one, I grabbed it in a flash! I was instantly attracted to this top because of it's soft, flowy features, so feminine and delicate with the floral details and dolman-type sleeves. Once on I was in love! I have read online that the chest area fits strangely small on some ladies, and I could see how this could happen, but on me it was a nice fit. I tried on my regular size small in tops. It is a tunic length on me so I could see myself wearing these with leggings or tapered pants. However, when I got home and tried it on again, I started to see the floral design in a different light. The way the flowers appear on the front of the top, outlines my belly in a way that is unflattering. It almost frames my tummy which is an area that I definitely do not want to draw any attention to. Now if I was pregnant, however, this would be a beautiful top to showcase the emerging pooch. So, unfortunately, I returned this little number and made some other lucky girl very happy, I'm sure. I will re-consider this top if it ever gets a 2nd or 3rd cut, however.

Perennial Awakening Top - $69.95 USD (on sale)

OOTD: Rainy Day Wear

Today was a very rainy day. From sprinkles to showers to buckets of water pouring from the sky, I left the house excited to put my new Singing-in-the-Showers Slicker to the test.
Singing-in-the-Showers Slicker (sold out online), Citizen's of Humanity Ava Straight Leg Jeans (Anthro 2010), Hunter's Tall Boot (in grey), Daily Brights Satchel (sold out online).

The material is rather thin and the jacket itself is unlined, so I was a bit skeptical about it's rain repelling abilities, but the reviews online said it was water resistant and the name implies that it is in fact a raincoat, so that was enough for me to make the purchase.

Well, the verdict is in. The jacket is completely water-resistant! I was out and about in the neverending rain today, splashing in puddles with my little girl, and I stayed absolutely dry! I even wore a tank underneath so I could feel any water seeping in or soaking through. Nada! No leaks, no soaking, no water penetrated through this cute and snappy gingham jacket. I'm quite happy about this as it's hard to find a cute rain coat.

The brand name is Daughters of the Liberation, and in my experience with their pants, they fit a size too small for me, so I decided to size up in the jacket to a 6, having no idea how this brand's tops and jackets fit. Well, the jacket is pretty good everywhere, except for the shoulders. This is a tad on the snug side (just a tad) but I think sizing up even further to an 8 would make the jacket fit tent-ish on me. The 6 right now is still quite comfortable and fitted enough with the drawstring. I can probably still even wear a light cardigan underneath. I was lucky enough to pick this up during the tag sale, so if you can still find one, I would not hesitate to make it yours (especially if you live in Vancouver)!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guest Post on Effortless Anthropologie

For all those (well, all 5 of you...hehe) who were waiting to read my guest post on Effortless Anthropologie, the time is now! See here for my write-up on Vancouver's first Anthropologie store Grand Opening! Hope it's a good read.

Thank you to Roxy Turtle for featuring me on your blog!  Loved the opportunity!  

Note:  Blog banner borrowed from Effortless Anthropologie site.